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Registration for the Interfaith Preconference to the International AIDS Conference 2022

Taking Action to Overcome Stigma and Discrimination, 27-28 July 2022

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The Interfaith Pre-conference to the International AIDS Conference 2022, is taking place 

26-27-28 July 2022 in a hybrid format (virtual and in Montreal, Canada). Please register below:

Albin Hillert / WCC

Albin Hillert / WCC

Taking Action to Overcome Stigma and Discrimination An affiliated event to AIDS 2022​

Taking Action to Overcome Stigma and Discrimination will be the 10th faith-centred pre-conference held before the International AIDS Conference, the first held in Bangkok in 2004.

Representatives from diverse world-wide NGOs, UN agencies, religious organizations and academic partners ‑ are working together to coordinate, plan, and support faith-based involvement in AIDS 2022.

Understanding how to engage with the faith sector is essential for overcoming stigma and discrimination, increasing access to HIV services, and promoting human rights for all.

Faith communities make distinctive contributions in several areas of the HIV response, including service delivery, community outreach, demand creation of HIV services in places of worship, advocacy, and awareness-raising. Situated within communities and building on relationships of trust, faith groups have shown the ability to influence the attitudes and behaviour of other community members, including adolescents and young people. Faith communities can help to overcome inequalities, including cultural and traditional practices that hamper access to HIV services, and help encourage more effective and sustainable community HIV programmes.

Taking Action to Overcome Stigma and Discrimination will offer networking opportunities, exchange of experiences, and capacity building, and it will identify actions for follow-up on the various issues discussed. It will have plenary sessions and workshops, with the active participation of young people, faith leaders, and representatives of faith or civil society groups (such as refugees, migrants, women, youth, substance abuse associations, LGBTIQ, etc.) as well as non-faith actors.

Registration for the Conference is open from 15 April to 15 July 2022. 

The registration fee for the conference is:

  • 60 USD for international participants (in presence)

  • 30 USD for students / national participants (in presence)

  • 10 USD for virtual participation

After completing the registration form and submitting it, you will receive a link to proceed to pay the registration fee. 

Registration for the Interfaith Preconference to
the International AIDS Conference 2022

To register, please fill in the form below and submit before July 15 2022. If you have any questions, please contact 

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