Interfaith Pre-Conference to the
International AIDS Conference 2022

Taking Action to Overcome HIV Stigma & Discrimination

Comprehensive, Compassionate Care for All

26-27-28 July 2022
Hybrid Event

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Interfaith Preconference


  1. Provide opportunities for learning, networking, collaboration, & capacity building among faith communities and religious leaders working to support the global HIV response;

  2. Highlight effective interventions by all sectors to address HIV stigma and discrimination, especially in relation to children, adolescents, women, and key population groups;

  3. Identify ways to support/replicate these interventions through collaborations that identify distinctive roles for faith communities and religious leaders;

  4. Strengthen broader anti-stigma efforts by presenting models that integrate other relevant services (e.g., mental health services) and amplify innovations from other anti-stigma efforts in response to other conditions (e.g., COVID or TB)

  5. Build and strengthen the potential and reach of faith leaders and communities to address inequalities;

  6. Link participants to new and existing opportunities for ongoing collaboration beyond this conference

  7. Exploring moral and ethical framework that are life-giving.