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Virtual HIV Interfaith Conference

Resilience and Renewal: faith in the HIV response

Interfaith Conference Flyer - No UNAIDS.

The HIV Interfaith Conference, “Resilience & Renewal: faith in the HIV response”, will take place virtually on 22-23-24 September 2020.

Resilience & Renewal will provide a space for sharing, capacity building and advocacy among people of faith involved in the HIV and AIDS response. It will be an opportunity to celebrate and get inspired by the many resilient people engaged in the HIV response. This will be an opportunity for faith leaders, faith-based organizations, and communities of faith to recommit to holistic, comprehensive response to HIV that acknowledges the innate dignity of every human person.

Resilience and Renewal will create a space for dialogue and an opportunity to identify joint actions to address some of the challenges and emerging issues to the achievements of the 2020 and 2030 HIV-related targets.

The event is organized by several faith groups’ representatives from around the world and people living with HIV through the support of the UNAIDS-PEPFAR Faith Initiative.


The Interfaith Conference is guided by six outcome objectives:

  1. Increase the knowledge base, determination to take action, and positive attitudes of participants in relation to advocacy, challenging topics, and research/evidence

  2. Celebrate and get inspired by committed, passionate people engaged in the HIV response

  3. Highlight and describe the distinctive roles of faith leaders, faith-based organizations, and faith communities in a multi-sectoral, integrated, and comprehensive response to HIV in local, national, and global contexts.

  4. Build collaboration between faith groups and other sectors

  5. Launch an Interfaith Platform for learning, capacity building, networking, action, and advocacy as a follow-up to this Interfaith Conference

  6. Ensure that the experiences and perspectives of young people, those living with HIV, and members of marginalized communities disproportionately impacted by HIV inform the content and action steps that emerge from this conference


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