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Advent takes us on a journey from hope to celebration. As with Advent, the journey of HIV can now be one of hope and celebration. There are new testing options, sensitive to one’s needs; treatment can be started immediately, and, with consistent adherence, will suppress the viral load to undetectable levels. Advent: A Time of Hope is a devotional resource with messages of hope and HIV information for each day of Advent.

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The New Choices. New Treatment. New Timing. New Hope are Guides for Muslim and Christian faith leaders and faith communities to bridge the gaps in HIV testing, treatment care and support for men and children. Each Guide offers basic information about HIV and it celebrates the good news about HIV for 2020 and beyond.


We are all encouraged to use and share these POSTERS on the latest testing options, the value and benefit of treatment, and on PrEP.


Simple and easy to use messages to promote HIV testing, treatment, care and support in our faith communities and beyond.


Use and share - The value of HIV Testing; The value of HIV treatment; Supporting Each other for Treatment Adherence – videos!

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Join the 13 Million Campaign as a symbolic gesture of solidarity and global responsibility

2020 WAD services and prayers:


World Council of Churches WAD Service 2020 - December 1st 2020

Timing of online prayer service : 

4.30 PM Central European Time -Berlin, Geneva, Kinshasa, Lagos, Luanda; 

9.30 AM Chicago, 

10.30 AM- New York, Bogota, 

3.30 PM Dakar, Lome; UK

5.30 PM Harare, Johannesburg; 6.30 PM Nairobi, Kampala.


Link to live telecast of Service: 

CABSA WAD Service 2020